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Replenhair Collagen Facial Oil is the perfect anti-aging formula for your skin. Our deeply nourishing oil is formulated with highly effective ingredients to address the most common signs of aging, including wrinkles, dark spots, sun spots, uneven skin tone, and lack of elasticity.

This oil is also designed to reduce inflammation, improve complexion, even out skin tone, and protect from environmental damage.

Our all natural ingredients work to boost collagen levels, providing deep moisturizing and promoting skin cell turnover for a youthful, healthy-looking complexion.

Give your skin the nourishment it needs to look its best with Replenhair Collagen Facial Oil.

Replenhair Collagen Facial Oil is designed to leave your skin with a youthful glow and radiant complexion. Its powerhouse ingredients work to visibly reduce wrinkles, dark spots, sun spots, and other signs of aging for a rejuvenated look.

Benefits of Collagen facial oil

✔️Deeply moisturises 

✔️Boosts collagen 

✔️Reduces inflammation 

✔️Improves complexion & Even out skin tone

✔️All natural ingredients 

✔️Protects skin from environmental damage 

✔️Promotes skin cell turnover

What is it

Deeply nourishing oil for your skin. This anti-ageing formula is designed with highly effective ingredients to address lack of elasticity and texture whilst also targeting the most common signs of ageing including dark spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, sun spots and others.

What’s in it

Collagen Oil, Collagen Extract, Ascorbic Acid (vitamin c)

What it will do for you

Our collagen oil is made from plant protein and is rich in omegas and antioxidants. Plant collagen is high in oxyproline, proline, glutamic acid and glycine amino acids and is easily absorbed into the skin. It will plump and protect your skin, it also has brightening properties, smoothes out wrinkles whilst rebuilding the skin from the outside and helps to retain a youthful appearance.

Collagen Oil
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