Aloe Rice Water & Aloe Rice Oil


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Our Aloe Rice Water & Aloe Rice Oil with a miracle combination of Rice Water will make your hair irresistibly soft and frizz-free thereby preventing it from drying out. Aloe Vera deeply conditions and moisturises hair leaving them soft and smooth. The natural goodness of Rice Water will restore vitality, shine, and smoothness to rejuvenate and restore hair.

Benefits of Aloe Rice Water & Aloe Rice Oil

✔️Promotes Hair Growth

✔️Makes hair softer, stronger and silkier

✔️Moisturises hair & replenishes nutrients

✔️Protects hair against damage



Q: Is the Oil sticky or non-sticky?
A: It is non sticky and provides good nourishment to hairs.

Q: Does the oil have an odour?
A: Our rich and natural oil is filled with a pleasant aroma to help nourish your hair 

Q: Is the oil greasy?
A:  No, its very light weight

Q: Can I use it after shower on damp hair?
A: yes you can use it after shower on damp hair 

Q: Is it good for dry and frizzy hair 
A: yes it is perfect for dry and frizzy hair

Q: Is it sulphate free?
A: yes all our oils are free from chemicals and largely plant based.

    At the heart of all our products are :
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan
  • Zero Sulphates
  • Zero Dyes
  • Freshly Formulated
  • Natural & Organic Ingredients

Coconut Bundle is made up of coconut and rice bran oil, both oils are super potent and effective for hair growth and hair maintenance. When combined, both oils are packed full of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins which are essential for strengthening hair follicles and hair strands.

Less is more when it comes to effectiveness. We source the best ingredients for the best results. See ingredients list.

Coconut Bundle is formulated with hair care in mind. Made from cold-pressed natural oils, this formulation is completely pure and non-irritating. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in the oils will keep your scalp in a healthy condition, whilst eliminating dandruff, flakes and itchiness. Other benefits include, hair conditioning, hair nourishment, eliminating dryness, preventing grey hairs, taming frizzy hair and reducing split ends.

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