About us

Officially founded in October 2018 by Alexandra Phillips, Our first product was launched in August 2019. I have always had an healthy appreciation for all things simple and natural but it wasn’t till December 2015 that I realised that I needed to actively do something about the beauty products that I used in my hair and for my skin. The state of my hair was dire. I had a lot of chemical damage and my skin was in an equal state, I needed to give my general health better TLC. My passion for all things natural intensified and seeking out the best ingredients for products were birthed from then on. I began to intensely research all the ingredients that are used in the products we purchase and found that a lot of them are full of chemicals; I also began to research alternatives and started mixing my own homemade products. As a result, my hair began to flourish and my skin cleared up and also garnered a lot of attention and different people began to enquire about my regimen and products I was using. Replenhair’s sole purpose focuses purely on sourcing and using the best, natural (plant-based) and high quality ingredients in all our products. We care about our environment and product safety. All our ingredients will be listed with transparency in detail and on our packaging. Our packaging will be meticulously chosen with the environment at the fore front of our minds and will ensure that they are safe and reusable. We are excited to share our love and passion for all things natural with you, we hope you love our products and experience the best results from using them and we look forward to serving you. Replenhair is natural, simple, affordable and replenished by nature with you in mind.
Alexandra Phillips