Replenhair Ayurvedic Botanical Intensive Treatment Hair Bundle

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* Ayurvedic Botanical Hair Shampoo

Time tested Ayurvedic ingredients and natural ingredients combined produces the desired results. Cleansing scalp and hair, balancing PH levels, eliminating dry and itchy scalp, our nutrient penetrating ingredients will stimulate hair follicles to promote hair growth, naturally adding a protective shine coating  whilst strengthening & maintaining healthy hair.

*Ayurvedic Botanical Hair Conditioner

Our specially formulated Ayurvedic Conditioner will restore the natural lipid balance to help protect your hair from further damage and lock in moisture. This Conditioner will make your hair feel brand new by providing intense nourishment, hydration, promote hair growth and reduce hair shedding. Suitable for normal, dry, bleached, chemically and thermally damaged locks, the restorative conditioner will leave your hair feeling soft and sleek with a healthy shine. With natural fatty acids, humectants, and oils, Our Ayurvedic hair Conditioner is everything your hair needs.

*Ayurvedic Botanical Hair Oil

The natural properties of Henna promotes hair growth exponentially, it also prevents hair fall and thinning. Our blend of naturally potent oils will stimulate blood flow in your hair follicles, encouraging health and new growth, all the nutrients necessary for maintaining a healthy hair can be found in our ingredients selection. Melanin production will be induced thus preventing premature greying of hair, adding colour to already greyed strands & enhancing your hairs natural colour. This special Ayurvedic formulation will intensify and promote hair growth.



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Replenhair Ayurvedic Botanical Intensive Treatment Hair Bundle
Ayurvedic Hair Care Products Bundle Set
Ayurvedic Botanical Shampoo
Ayurvedic Botanical Hair Conditioner
Ayurvedic Botanical Oil
Ayurvedic Botanical Shampoo
Ayurvedic Botanical Hair Oil
Ayurvedic Botanical Hair Conditioner
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