Everything About Natural Skin Care Products [And 5 Best Products]

Everything About Natural Skin Care Products [And 5 Best Products]

Everyone appears to be obsessed with natural beauty right now. On social media, influencers report that going all-natural has made their skin appear better than ever. It's visible on store shelves, where a plethora of items sell themselves alongside images of lovely plants and utilize jargon like "nontoxic." According to Brainy Insights' 2022 market research, the market for natural skin care products is predicted to nearly double to $12.27 billion between 2021 and 2030.

Natural skin care products are free of chemicals and synthetic components. They could also incorporate more environmentally friendly alternatives.

The natural skin care industry is one of the most rapidly expanding in the beauty industry.

There are numerous benefits to choosing natural skin care over traditional cosmetics, such as avoiding possibly dangerous synthetic ingredients. It may also be an environmentally favorable solution.

What Is Natural Skin Care?

The phrase "natural skin care" can refer to a variety of things. The "natural" designation is unregulated throughout the skin care industry. This means that each corporation can define what "natural" means to them.

"There's a lot of disagreement in the industry about what's deemed 'natural' and what isn't," says Dana Murray, a certified aesthetician and beauty blog blogger.

"Because natural compounds can be inconsistent in makeup, measuring effectiveness and potency can be difficult." "Some natural components, such as essential oils, might also cause skin irritation," she adds.

Facts About Natural Skin Care



The truth has already been revealed. The Ancient Greeks made face masks out of berries and milk, exfoliated with olives, and applied succulent honey on their skin.

The ancient Egyptians ate moringa, sesame, salts, and clay. Cleansers used in medieval times included aloe vera, cucumber, and rosemary. Natural skin care included the use of animal oils, vinegar, and herbal medicines.

The following result was better, longer-lasting outcomes. Let us learn from our forefathers!


Consider 'no animal testing' when searching for skin care products.

The beauty industry, particularly the cosmetics sector, has a history of testing products on animals.

Animal testing began more than 80 years ago, in response to serious injuries caused by dangerous cosmetic goods. Unfortunately, animal testing is still practiced. 

This becomes irrelevant while choosing natural and organic skincare products. For millennia, nature has been successfully exploited by people.

Organic skin care products are free of possible toxins and do not require animal testing. Organic and Natural skin care products may also contain animal essential fatty acids for unparalleled skin nourishment. There is no animal experimentation, and vegetarians can choose exclusively plant-based options.

Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products


There are numerous benefits that arrives with natural skin care products and they include the following;


A non-natural skin care product's label will expose a list of substances you may have never heard of, let alone be capable of pronouncing.

A non-natural skin care product will frequently contain man-made synthetic ingredients. Sodium Laureth or laurel Sulfate, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Sunscreen filters, Mineral Oils, Petroleum, Fragrances, and Parabens should be avoided. 

Prolonged use can result in major health issues such as skin irritation, hormone abnormalities, toxicity, and an overworked immune system.


Allergies occur. An allergic reaction to an artificial or synthetic chemical is more likely than to a natural one.

Products sold to allergy sufferers are rarely all-natural, which can lead to major consequences.

When utilizing toxic, synthetic cosmetics, skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne can worsen. Healthy nutrients, on the other hand, should be prioritized.

Check the labels again. If you have severe adverse responses to any suspected product or ingredient, you should visit a health care expert you trust.


Natural face creams, lotions, butter, scrubs, cleansers, and the like are made with pure, clean ingredients.

Herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers are not included in the 'good.' GMO: Genetically Modified Organisms are NOT found in healthy natural and organic products (undesirable and not recognized by our DNA).

Applying these can result in a serious deficiency of essential nutrients for the skin.

Plants are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbs, and omega-3 fatty acids. The skin thrives on the essential antioxidants found in a healthy skin care program. On a label, look for natural components like aloe, shea, coconut, rose, calendula, manuka, argan, moringa, tea tree, marula, and comfrey, to name a few.

When you choose natural and organic, you can be assured that you are not putting yourself in danger.


Achieving healthier skin may begin from within, but keep in mind that whatever you put on the outside enters the system. Organic and natural skin care products benefit the entire body by maintaining and enhancing the immune system.

Prolonged exposure to hazardous chemicals will weaken your skin, hurt your organs, and may even cause premature aging as your body attempts to combat foreign substances.

Natural skin care solutions will leave you with less dryness, flakiness, a smoother texture, and a healthier radiance. Natural foods include nutrients that cannot be replicated by chemicals or man-made synthetics.

Benefits Of Natural Skin Care On Different Skin Types



Let's take a look at the numerous benefits of natural skin care on different types of skin

1. For Greasy Skin Type

A natural oily skin care routine can help reduce oiliness without the use of costly skin care regimens or prescription medicines.

Natural skin care and home remedies for oily skin can be used in a variety of ways.

2. For Dry Skin

There's not much more aggravating than itching skin caused by dryness.

A natural dry skin care routine may help lessen the impacts of heat, hot showers, arid areas, and harsh soaps – all of which can cause dry skin.

3. For Mixed Skin Types

Combination skin isn't always easy to care for. However, a natural skin care program that decreases both dry patches and shines is still viable.

Harsh elements in cosmetics, such as scents, can irritate both oily and dry skin. Those with combination skin may benefit from using natural skin care products.

4. For Oily or Acne-prone Skin

A natural acne skin care program may provide numerous benefits, including the possibility of saving money by avoiding costly acne treatments. It can also assist to reduce unpleasant side effects like dryness, redness, and irritation.

Natural acne treatments and home remedies can assist you in meeting your skincare requirements.

5. Skin Sensitivity

By eliminating products with irritating components, a natural skincare routine for sensitive skin can help re-establish a healthy skin barrier.

A 2018 study looked into the possibility of skin sensitivity associated with fragrance-containing goods. Products that you wear for an extended amount of time, such as moisturizers, can be more likely to cause skin issues.

6. For Darker Skin Types

Melanin, the naturally occurring pigment that provides your skin and hair color, is more abundant in darker skin tones. Among the conditions that can have a negative impact on skin with greater pigmentation are:

  • acne
  • acne keloidalis nuchae, which presents as bumps on the back of your head or neck
  • keloids, which are raised scars on your skin
  • skin cancer
  • vitiligo, which causes a loss of skin pigment and may be more visible in darker skin tones

While natural skin care products may help with acne, it's critical to contact a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis of other skin disorders like cancer or vitiligo.

Natural Skin Care Products Glossary


Below are the most frequently used terminologies in the natural skin care industry as well as their detailed meanings.

1. 5-free, 7-free, 10-free, 15-free 

This can be found on the labels of nail polishes that claim to be harmless. These figures represent the number of compounds that are not present in nail polish. For example, if a nail polish is labeled "5-free," it does not include formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, or camphor.

2. Organic

Contrary to popular belief, the FDA does not control the "organic" designation on cosmetics or skin care products. However, if the formula contains agricultural products, it might be certified organic under the National Organic Program of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) (NOP). To be eligible for the USDA Organic Seal, a product must contain at least 95% organic components. If something is labeled "produced with organic ingredients," it has at least 70% organic components but is not eligible for the seal. 

3. Paraben-free 

According to the FDA, parabens are preservatives that are used to keep bacteria and mold from multiplying in your items. These are methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben. Although the study is underway, the FDA states that "at this time, we do not have information suggesting that parabens, as they are used in cosmetics, have an effect on human health." A paraben-free product will not contain any parabens.

4. PFAS-free

According to the FDA, this stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds (PFAs). Some lotions, cleansers, nail polish, shaving creams, and makeup contain these compounds to smooth skin, add shine, or improve product texture. Some data suggest that PFAS do not cause harm to individuals in the concentrations found in cosmetics; nevertheless, the data is limited, and more information is needed to accurately assess their safety, according to the FDA.

5. Phthalate-free

According to the FDA, phthalates are compounds present in a number of household items, including personal care products such as soap and shampoo. Diethylphthalate (DEP) is a popular component in fragrances. The FDA has determined that these ingredients do not pose a health risk. However, phthalate-free labeling on products indicates that no phthalates were used, if you prefer to avoid them.

6. ​​Sulfate-free

Sulfates, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, are soaps. However, the clinical term for them is "surfactants," and they aid in the mixing of substances like oils and water, according to Cosmeticsinfo.org. As a result, they could be found in shampoos and other bath products. If the label says "sulfate-free," the product does not contain sulfates.

7. Toxin-free or nontoxic

According to the EWG, companies use this word to "suggest that a product is safe." However, the world is unregulated, and as they point out, even vast quantities of water can be harmful. The point is that it is merely a marketing pitch and does not ensure safety.

How To Switch From Non-Natural To Natural Skin Care Products


If you're interested in the natural-beauty trend, you'll need to do some study. "The difficulty is reading between the lines on labels and knowing exactly what you're putting on your skin," Garshick explains. Here's how to get started.

1. Consult your dermatologist. 

Put all of your products in a bag and bring them with you to your next dermatologist appointment. He or she will go over the ingredients with you and let you know if anything is producing a reaction in your skin or if there is a method to simplify your routine. It's a good idea to do this regardless of the items you're utilizing.

2. Begin slowly.

You won't know what provoked a reaction if you switch everything at once. Garshick suggests introducing one new product per week at most.

3. Be patient while waiting for the results.

According to Garshick, if you previously used conventional skin-care products and are now switching to natural, it may take longer to observe a difference in your skin. That doesn't imply the product isn't beneficial, but she cautions about the waiting period.

4. Look for Specific Ingredients.

According to Garshick, willow bark extract is a salicylic acid derivative that can aid with breakouts. Similarly, if you want to reverse or slow the indications of skin aging, antioxidants (such as those found in vitamin C or vitamin E, or taken from other plants) can help prevent the DNA damage that causes collagen degeneration (which ultimately leads to wrinkles and discoloration). Bakuchiol is a relatively new addition to the market: "This is the best thing we've found as an alternative to retinol/retinoid," she explains. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, retinoids have long been considered the gold standard in anti-aging since they increase collagen formation and smooth fine wrinkles.

5. Do your Research.

According to Chwalek, the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database is a useful resource for learning what's in your products. The EWG also published a report on the "toxic 12 chemicals and pollutants in cosmetics" in May 2020. The good news is that many of these compounds are no longer used in cosmetics, or are banned or regulated by major merchants, they write. Their chart might be useful when researching components and determining which chemicals you want to avoid.

5 Best Natural Skin Care Care Products Created By Replenhair

If you are looking for the best natural skin care products to start with, below are naturally created skin care products by Replenhair for all skin types.

1. Aloe Vera Bubble Cleansing Foam Face Wash

Aloe Vera Bubble Cleansing Foam Face Wash

Aloe Vera bubble cleansing foam with built-in silicone bristles is a gentle cleanser formulated to remove dirt, debris, and makeup from the skin by gently exfoliating and providing immediate hydration for the skin to improve appearance and texture.

Benefits of Aloe Vera bubble cleansing foam

  • Cleans effectively and exfoliates gently
  • Boosts blood circulation and massages skin
  • Evens skin tones, tackle acne, and reduce pore sizes
  • Silicone brush: Hygienic & Bacteria resistant

2. Aloe Vera Natural Soothing Handmade Bar Soap


Cleanse and gently purify your face and body with Replenhair Aloe vera natural soothing soap. Its natural and gentle formula means it doesn't irritate and is suitable for the whole family.

  • Fragrance-free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • 100% Natural ingredients - 100g



Wet soap with water and work into a lather. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. Keep out of reach of children.

3. Collagen Facial Oil


This oil is extremely nourishing to the skin. This anti-aging solution contains highly powerful components that treat lack of elasticity and texture while also addressing the most prevalent indicators of aging such as dark spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, sun spots, and others.

Benefits of Collagen Facial Oil

  • Increases collagen production
  • Inflammation is reduced.
  • Evens out skin tone and improves complexion
  • Ingredients are entirely natural.
  • Skin is protected from environmental injury.
  • Increases skin cell turnover

4. Rice & Tea Tree Body Wash


Rejuvenate your senses and body with a luxurious body wash that detoxifies and clears pollutants while moisturizing the skin. Replenhair Tea Tree Body Wash is filled with the skin-loving Tea Tree plant's natural antibacterial characteristics, gently cleansing and purifying your skin with a non-greasy and non-sticky product that leaves skin clean, fresh, delicately fragrant, and protected. Every time you take a shower, you may jumpstart your day, improve your attitude, and make your skin feel appreciated.

Benefits  of Rice and Tea Tree Body Wash

  • Daily bath and shower gel
  • Bacteria-killing powers; eliminates excess oil
  • Cleanse and moisturize the skin
  • Skin purification and revitalization
  • SLS and paraben-free
  • Suitable for vegans
  • All skin types are suitable.

5. Rose Hydrating Body Mist 150ML


Rose bubble cleansing foam formulated with only natural plant ingredients which are rich in nutrients, moisture, and antioxidant properties will help to cleanse, restore collagen, maintain a youthful appearance, and protect skin from free radicals. The built-in brush attachment makes it easy to massage your skin whilst simultaneously providing a deep cleansing sensation.  The Rose face wash will not only cleanses but will also hydrate and refresh your skin. The built-in brush attachment will also help to boost blood flow thus increasing regeneration and healthier, vibrant-looking skin.

Benefits of Rose Hydrating Body Mist

  • Cleans effectively & exfoliates gently
  • Boosts blood circulation & massages skin
  • Evens skin tones, tackles acne & reduces pore sizes
  • Silicone brush: Hygienic & Bacteria resistant


Natural products, such as vitamins and herbal medicines, can potentially interact with cancer treatment, notably chemotherapy and radiation, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (ADA).

This is notably true for vitamins A and C. When administered during cancer treatment, they can have serious side effects. So, before beginning a new regimen, consult with a doctor. The ADA further emphasizes that just because a product is natural does not necessarily indicate it is safe.

If a product is truly natural, keep in mind that a lack of preservatives may result in reduced shelf life.

The shelf-life of a product varies depending on the source, the container (bottle versus jar), and if the product is held at ambient temperature.

If any of your natural skin care products begin to smell or alter in color, or texture, it is time to throw them away.

Sunscreen is another exception. Most have a three-year shelf life, but it's also vital to look for an expiration date on the bottle.

Final Thoughts on Natural Skin Care Products

If you want to go natural with your skincare, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Under the "natural" banner, brands may call their cosmetics whatever they want, so do your homework.

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